Our product roadmap is where you can learn about what features we're working on, what stage they're in, and when we expect to bring them to you.

Guide to the roadmap

Every item on the roadmap is an issue, with a label that indicates each of the following:

  • A release phase that describes the next expected phase of the roadmap item. See below for a guide to release phases.

  • A feature area indicates the product area to which the item belongs. For a list of current product areas, see below.

  • A feature that indicates the feature or product to which the item belongs. For a list of current features, see below.

Release phases

  • alpha: Primarily for testing and feedback Limited availability, requires a pre-release agreement. Features are still under heavy development and are subject to change. Not for production use, and no documentation, SLAs, or support is provided.

  • beta: Publicly available in a full or limited capacity Features are mostly complete and documented. Timelines and requirements for GA are usually published. No SLAs or support is provided.

  • ga: Generally available to all customers Ready for production use with associated SLA and technical support obligations. Approximately 1-2 quarters from Beta.

Some of our features may still be in the exploratory stages and have no timeframe. These are included in the roadmap only for early feedback. These are marked as follows:

  • in design: Feature in the discovery phase. We have decided to build this feature but are still figuring out how.

  • exploring: Feature under consideration. We are considering building this feature and gathering feedback on it.

Feature Areas

The following is a list of our current product areas:

  • cloud: Administrative features specific to CodeMash Dashboard

  • supervisor portal: Administrative features specific to the CodeMash owner.

  • api: REST API functionality

  • sdk: SDK development for client applications (Desktop, Mobile, Watch)

  • devops: Operations and Security

  • learning: Education and learning features

  • insights: Continuous learning and insights features

  • client-apps: Client applications (Desktop, Mobile)

  • other: Other features


The following is a list of our current features and products, with distinct labels for filtering:

  • project: CodeMash project

  • membership: CodeMash membership - Identity and Access Management

  • database: CodeMash Database - Mongo database + JSON Schema

  • files: CodeMash Files - It's an easy way to store and access files from any device, anywhere.

  • code: CodeMash Code - Serverless functions.

  • scheduler: CodeMash Scheduler - an easy way to perform application background processing in applications.

  • logs: CodeMash Logs - Monitor logs, metrics, and request traces in one platform for full-stack visibility of your application.

  • payments: CodeMash Payments - plug in your favorite payment provider into your app.

  • emails: CodeMash Email is a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails.

  • push: CodeMash Push Notifications - Push notifications are the top driver of app re-engagement and it's very easy to incorporate push notifications from well-known market leaders like OneSignal, CataPush and Amazon SNS.

  • server-events

More labels will be added in the future as needed.



CodeMash was designed to be the most powerful, flexible, and easy platform for you to build any web and mobile application. We built many web and mobile apps within the last four years using CodeMash. We are a group of developers and tech-savvy folks making the platform easy from version to version. In the next version, we will focus on:

Community Edition (alpha)

At CodeMash, we believe in the power of community. We also believe that developers are at their most creative when they have time and space to hack their ideas into reality. That's why we want to start CodeMash with the Community edition where you can install CodeMash into your local machine. Using Docker compose file you can start the development environment and build your ideas.

Enterprise Licence for AWS Cloud

We have received a lot of requests from clients who want to use the CodeMash stack in their AWS environments.

We are super busy providing the capability to install CodeMash into your AWS Cloud environment, so you can use your tools and incorporate CodeMash stack into your daily routine.



We will provide a new "Deploy" functionality for the CodeMash Code module. You will be able to describe your app deployment in YAML format. The idea is to provide the capability to bootstrap your app into GitHub with all the necessary assets and allow you to customize it.



CodeMash provides you with a simple and reliable messaging system built for apps. Our transactional email and push solutions effectively support developers and marketers alike. On top of the messaging service, we will be able to send messages using SMS services like Twilio.



We will provide a new module called "Translations" - localization features that simplify your work. You will get an environment where you can do translations, invite people to enroll as contributors, and export translations into favorable formats: i18n (lightweight, simple translation module with dynamic JSON storage), resx (XML-based files), and other popular formats.

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