Google Cloud Functions

Connecting Google Functions account to CodeMash

The following steps show how to connect the Google Cloud Functions account to CodeMash. The steps consist of:

  1. Setting up Google Cloud account.

  2. Creating a service account.

  3. Connecting account into the CodeMash project.

Setting up Google Cloud account

If you already have Google Cloud Functions account ready to use, skip this section.

  • Go to and login to console with your Google account.

  • Select a project from your project menu or create a new one.

  • Now open the sidebar menu and navigate to Cloud Functions. Here you might see different options if you haven't set up this yet.

    • If you are eligible for a free trial, sign up for free trial.

    • If you are not eligible for a free trial, you will have to add a billing account.

Creating the first function

If you already have your functions ready, skip this section.

  • From the management console, open the sidebar menu and select Cloud Functions.

  • In the opened functions list, press Create Function.

  • Creating a function. The following steps lead through the function creation process.

    • Set any name, and memory. For Trigger use HTTP.

    • For Authentication, it's recommended to not allow unauthenticated invocations. All of the calls from CodeMash will be authenticated.

    • Then select the runtime and edit your code if you want. You will be able to edit it later.

    • In advanced settings, you will see service account selection. Google Cloud should have created a service account for you, so you can use that or you can check Adding Google service account on how to add a service account. This setting isn't important for CodeMash, so you can leave it how it is.

Adding Google service account

If you already have your service account set up, skip this section.

  • The service account will allow CodeMash to call Google Functions. Firstly navigate to and select the project. The project should be the same as in your Google Cloud Platform.'

  • Navigate to Credentials from the sidebar menu.

  • Hereunder Service Account section you might see existing service account created by Google Cloud. You can use that, in which case, go to the last section. To create a new one press Manage service accounts and then Create Service Account.

  • Set account name and press create. The following steps are NOT optional. You need to grant a few permissions. The minimum required permissions are Cloud Functions Developer or Cloud Functions Admin.

  • In the final step, you can create a key to use from CodeMash. Press Create Key and select key type as JSON. A download will start with a JSON file key.

Adding API credentials to CodeMash

Once you have a service account to invoke your functions, use it's JSON file key when adding Google Cloud Functions account in CodeMash.

  • If you have skipped the previous section, to get the file key, go to google developer console, select your project, and select Credentials. Hereunder Service Accounts section, select the service account which you want to use for CodeMash. Your service account needs at minimum one of these permissions: Cloud Functions Developer or Cloud Functions Admin. You can check and manage permissions by navigating to IAM & Admin > IAM from the sidebar menu. Then in the service account details page select Create Key. After that select JSON as key type. You will receive your key.

  • Once you have your JSON file with a private key, go to the CodeMash project dashboard and navigate to Code > Account > Add New > Google Cloud Functions.

  • Fill the fields. Example with filled details shown below.

    • Service Account - contents of your JSON file key.

    • Region - all the regions from which you want to get your functions.

    • Refresh Settings - in case you are developing your functions and don't want to refresh them manually (to show up in CodeMash), you can automatically refresh at certain intervals.

    • Labels - function labels. Only those functions that have at least 1 of the label will be imported into CodeMash. If no labels are added, then all functions will be imported.

  • After connecting, your functions will appear in the functions tab. This process might take a few moments to receive all functions from Google services.

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