Logs & Monitoring

Grasp at what's happening on your project. Have tracing and application logs in one place.

The Logs module in CodeMash is a tool that allows you to view API logs of various levels. These logs provide detailed information about the API calls made to the system, including the request and response data and any errors that may have occurred.

Using the Logs module, you can filter the logs by level, date range, and other parameters to view the specific information you need. You can also use the module to search for specific log entries using keywords or phrases.

The various levels of logs available in the Logs module include:

  1. Information: Information logs provide general information about API calls, including the request and response data. These logs help track the overall usage and performance of the API.

  2. Warning: Warning logs indicate potential issues with the API, such as requests that take longer than expected to complete. These logs can help to identify potential problems that may need to be addressed.

  3. Error: Error logs indicate an error occurred during an API call. These logs can be used to identify and troubleshoot issues that may impact the API's functionality.

In your dashboard, you can see all the logs created in your project. There are several types of logs - requests, request errors, business errors, and custom logs.

Types of logs

The following are the types of logs available for use:

  • Request - log of a request called from outside the dashboard.

  • Request Error - log of a failed request called from outside and from the dashboard.

  • Business Error - log of internal error (errors in background processing).

  • Custom - a custom log created using the API method.

Logs API methods

Exposed API logs methods allow you to create your logs.

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