Collection Update

Overview of update record function

This function allows you to quickly update a record inside the collection with a single button.




Display name

Collection Update


Used on database collection record.

Can use from dashboard

Yes (from inside record's page)

Can use through API



The function requires the following parameters.




Collection to which to attach this function to.

Display Name

Your custom display name for a function.

Update Query

MongoDB based update query to use when function is called.

Update Query

An update query is a BSON document that is similar to JSON but has some of its own additions. As it is a document, all query needs to be wrapped inside { ... }. The following shows some examples. Full documentation with all available operators and examples can be found in external resources at the end of a page.

General update syntax

The following is the general syntax of an update query.

   <operator1>: { <field1>: <value1>, ... },
   <operator2>: { <field2>: <value2>, ... },
  • Operator - a command to execute on its fields.

  • Field - field name (unique name of a field). To reach nested levels separate fields by . and use index to reach the specific document. An example of a nested field - details.0.status.

  • Value - an updated value of a field.


$set - sets the value of a field in a record.

{ $set: { first_name: 'John', 'details.0.is_active': true } }

$unset - removes the specified field from a record.

{ $unset: { quantity: "", instock: "" } }

$inc- increments the value of the field by the specified amount.

{ $inc: { quantity: 2, instock: -5 } }

External references

As CodeMash is using the MongoDB database internally, the following resources explain more of how to use an update query.

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