Schedule your code functions by time, timezone, and frequency you want to run it.

The CodeMash Scheduler module is a powerful tool for performing background processing in applications. It is similar to cronjobs but offers a more intuitive visual interface for setting up tasks.

With the Scheduler module, you can easily specify which serverless function to execute, when it should be executed, and if needed, set the task to repeat at a specified interval (e.g., daily, monthly). You can also see logs of each time the task was executed, which can be helpful for troubleshooting and monitoring the performance of your tasks.

Using the Scheduler module, you can perform a wide range of tasks, such as generating automated reports repeatedly, sending birthday wishes to users, processing images and videos, and much more.

Here are two examples of how the CodeMash Scheduler module might be used:

  1. Sending notifications as a reminder to HR about employee birthdays: HR can use the Scheduler module to set up a task that sends a notification to a specified email address on the day of an employee's birthday. This can serve as a reminder for HR to buy a small gift or send a birthday greeting to the employee.

  2. Generating statistics reports about student learning: An education app could use the Scheduler module to generate a daily, weekly, or monthly report showing how students learn new words using the app. This report could include statistics such as the number of new words learned, the average time spent studying, and the overall progress of each student.

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