Manager users authentication and authorization, roles and permissions, OAuth logins, triggers

The CodeMash Membership module makes integrating comprehensive user management into any app easy. With built-in authentication capabilities and the ability to connect with popular third-party providers like Facebook, Twitter, Azure AD, and Google, it's simple to get up and dash.

In addition to handling user authentication, the Membership module also offers robust authorization features. You can manage users, assign them roles and permissions, and view and edit their profile information. This makes it easy to customize access and control within your app, ensuring that users have the appropriate level of access and that your app's security is maintained.

The Membership module is enabled automatically when you create a new project using the CodeMash platform. This means you can start using the module's membership services and API methods immediately without needing to install or configure anything additional.

The CodeMash Membership module can be used through the CodeMash Cloud, any SDK, an API, and a CLI.

Features included in membership service:

  1. Users - manage project users.

  2. Roles - define roles for your project

  3. Policies - set granular permissions of what users can do

  4. Triggers - execute the specified action or event whenever the trigger condition is met. This can be a helpful way to automate specific tasks or processes related to user management, such as sending notifications or updating other systems when user-related events occur.

  5. Integrations - connect to the third-party OAuth providers.

  6. Settings - set constraints to user registration, verification, and deactivation processes.

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