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CodeMash managed service

Every day we face new challenges, and our CodeMash Managed Service helps us cope with them. This service is the right decision for you if you want to focus on your business and don't have time to deal with hosting issues, planning security, or deploying software updates.

There’s no need to bother yourself with deployments, hosting, security, scaling, and other infrastructure issues. Once you’re ready to launch your application into production, CodeMash offers a production-ready environment where growth and scale are needed.

Please follow this instruction to create the CodeMash account.

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There are several ways to interact with CodeMash and use its services.

CodeMash Cloud

First, users can connect to the CodeMash management console CodeMash Cloud using a web browser. From the management console, users can create projects, connect to third-party tools and services, and manage the backend for their app without writing any code. This is a user-friendly and intuitive way to start with CodeMash and take advantage of its services.


Another way to interact with CodeMash is to use its SDKs or restful API. CodeMash provides SDKs in various languages, including TypeScript, .NET, and Go Lang. These SDKs make it easy to call the CodeMash services, such as the database, notifications service, file service, and many more, from within an app. This allows developers to easily integrate CodeMash into their app and take advantage of its services.

CodeMash CLI

Finally, users can interact with CodeMash using the CodeMash CLI. This command-line tool allows users to automate the creation of projects, manage DevOps tasks, and call the CodeMash API. This is a powerful and flexible way to work with CodeMash and streamline the development process. Overall, there are several ways to interact with CodeMash and take advantage of its services. (Please note that CodeMash is currently in development mode, and some features may not be available yet.)

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