🚀Backend as a service

The modular backend-as-a-service platform eliminates the need to build and manage the application backend

CodeMash is a vital toolset for each developer who wants to achieve daily development tasks rapidly. CodeMash provides many common backend services for you so you can focus on your front end. Services such as database, email and push notifications, authentication, file storage, and many others are already implemented and can be easily accessed through the CodeMash dashboard or API.

Let's build your backend

The following are the services provided by CodeMash:

Getting Started

To start using CodeMash, you must create an account on the CodeMash website. Before making an account, please check first our pricing page.

On the administration dashboard, you can create and manage projects.


If you are using a Growth or Business plan, please note that there is no need to install CodeMash separately. You are using Managed Service, and all the operations are covered by the CodeMash organization.

Enterprise license owners install CodeMash on their cloud providers or Docker (for development and testing purposes).

Currently, we support only major cloud providers. Follow the documentation for more information:

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CodeMash Cloud

CodeMash was built to lower your efforts and daily chores at all costs while creating a backend for your apps.

It's popular to call it "No Code" or "Low Code." Choose the name you work with; we support all worlds. After spending two decades coding, we still believe coding won't go anywhere soon. But we are big fans of optimizing. We believe that we can provide a big chunk of your next project's functionality to allow you to focus on your idea rather than reinventing wheels.

CodeMash Cloud is everything you need to access and manage your backend resources — in one web interface.


You can manage all the resources using API. Even if the API is all you need, we know how convenient it is to have an SDK over the programming language you are working with. Please check out the languages we support:


API section describes all the details about CodeMash - API Gateway and Hub (tools to manage CodeMash projects from a developer perspective).

We put comprehensive documentation on each topic to allow you to understand and use CodeMash at a higher level.

Each section references any SDK language we support, so you can easily link explanations with your beloved programming language.

Other topics

Other topics explain miscellaneous topics that are common across several modules.

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