The modular backend-as-a-service platform eliminates the need to build and manage the application backend
CodeMash is a vital toolset for each developer who wants to achieve daily development tasks in a rapid way. CodeMash provides many common back-end services for you so you can focus on your front-end. Services such as database, email and push notifications, authentication, file storage, and others are already implemented and can be easily accessed through the CodeMash Dashboard or through API. More about CodeMash at https://codemash.io.

Getting Started

To start using CodeMash you firstly need to create an account at the CodeMash home site. Using our provided dashboard you can manage your projects and resources. To access our services through API you can use our provided SDK. The following pages follow you through setup process.

CodeMash Microservices

The following are the services provided by CodeMash. For more information about each of the service and how to use them check the pages provided below.
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