Install CodeMash using Docker Compose.
The following samples are intended for use in local development environments such as tinkering with the CodeMash stack, having small and internal projects, etc. These samples must not be deployed in production environments.
At CodeMash, we believe in the power of community. We also believe that developers are at their most creative when they have time and space to hack their ideas into reality. That's why we want to start CodeMash with the Community edition where you can install CodeMash into your local machine. Using Docker compose file you can start the development environment and build your ideas.
You are here, so that means a lot to us. We track what's interesting for developers and CodeMash users, so we can prioritize our upcoming activities and bring you joy shortly. This topic is here because we are already working on this. Please check out the Roadmap and get more insights when it will be ready.
Currently, we are in the alpha phase. For more info please refer to the Roadmap "Release phases" section.
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