Overview of creating Java functions

Getting and publishing a function

The following shows how to get, edit, and pack your template for upload.



Java 11

Java 8


  • After you have downloaded the template project, unzip it and navigate to ./lambda-function directory.

  • Open the command-line tool and run npm install. This will install all initial dependencies.

  • Your entry (main) function will be inside index.js file called exports.handler.

  • After you done, zip all of the .js files and node_modules folder. Other files are not needed.

  • Upload zipped file to CodeMash.

For the handler you have to specify your entry function location. Handler follows such format - fileName.functionName. Following the structure given in the initial template, the handler would be index.handler. You can edit any of these parameters for your own function.

Template overview

The following explains how to use provided template to create your own functions.

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